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This my homepage. My old homepage is still available. However, I switched to Neocities for two reasons:

On GNU Social I post opinion pieces and general updates. On MediaGoblin I post product reviews and gaming vids. On Libre.fm, the Internet Archive, and occasionally MediaGoblin, I post music. Contacts are through GNU Social or, otherwise, eMail.

I do not blog here, this is just an info site for those who are interested, and an online hub across the Interwebs.

This site is not a blog; if you want to see my blogging view my mediagoblin. Only subscribe if you wish to contact me regularly or you know me on another of my social networks. However, I do post regular profile updates.

Share LibDVDCSS! My campaign to defeat DRM by distributing DVD decrypters.

More info on why DRM (and proprietary software) is wrong.

Capitalism-related fails

How I use Youtube without JavaScript - A Tutorial

Why We Shouldn't Be Blocking TOR

The Debate on whether to monitor Muslims or not is misguided.

GNU is not UNIX Support the GNU project, a project that wishes to create a competitive, but fully libre, operating system. Click the GNU head to go to their site.

Get the GNUnet, a vision for the next Internet, on your computer.

Social Media

I am active on the following social media platforms:

I live in Anonymous Proxy. My real location is less important than your privacy.

My identity is the URL of this website. My real name is less important than your freedom.

My icon is the cutout of the eye from the old Firefox icon of the older Mint MATE theme. My real face is less important then your speech.

FOR DA LULZ! A Linux easter egg. Spoilers for your own machine.

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Close windows. Open doors. Not facebooked; You won't find me on Facebook. America means civil liberties. Patriotism means protecting them.Member of The Internet Defense League

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