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This my homepage. My old homepage is still available. However, I switched to Neocities for two reasons:

#DontBlockTor, and here’s why.

Many companies, as a security measure, have been blocking those who access their sites through a anonymization network like TOR, I2P, or GNUnet.

These companies may not realise it’s TOR, I2P, or GNUnet, and it’s an acceptable mistake. But what’s unacceptable is when they intentionally block addresses used by anonymization networks.

Why CloudFlare’s System is a CloudFail

Cloudflare assigns high “threat scores” to TOR addresses. It then gives CAPTCHAs of difficulty based on them.

The problem is that, while this may prevent attackers, it puts proxy users at a significant disadvantage. My suggestion to CloudFlare would be instead to assign lower threat scores to anonymity network addresses based on the fact that they are an anonymity network(and represent multiple people). This way we still solve CAPTCHAs, but we don’t need to feel “blocked.”

If You Think Proxies Are Tools For Criminals…

  1. Proxies are not primarily for criminals.
  2. Proxies are not used primarily by criminals.
  3. Proxies are intended for everybody who doesn’t want to reveal where they live online. And yes, just about every site you visit knows where you live, and has your personally identifiable information in the form of an IP address.
  4. Proxies bypassing censorship is a side effect and not the purpose.
  5. The law is not the written version of morality.

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