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This my homepage. My old homepage is still available. However, I switched to Neocities for two reasons:

Share LibDVDCSS!

libdvdcss is a library to break the DRM on video DVDs.

As a matter of protesting the DMCA, and DRM in general, I will give you the sourcecode. Keep it and share it with your friends, post it on your website.

I was inspired to do this by Eric Raymond, who shared the source of the older DeCSS.

This sourcecode is exactly as it was in VideoLAN’s git, nothing changed. I use the tool to play DVDs on Debian without paid codecs. It is GPL'd, not public domain like the rest of this site..

I am not responsible for updating this package.

Download LibDVDCSS!

Post this banner on your website along with your LibDVDCSS download to tell them where this campaign originated. Not required, but a measure of courtesy.

Public domain under the CC0. No rights reserved!

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