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How To Use Youtube Without Proprietary Javascript

So you need a Youtube channel or video but don’t want to lose your freedom? Here is one way to do it.

You will need LibreJS or NoScript, an HTML4+ browser such as Icecat, a media player(preferably MPV), and an RSS aggregator(such as Icecat Live Bookmarks.)

Play Back A Video

First, go to YouTube with no javascript(or LibreJS). Ignore “A privacy reminder from Google” and “need Javascript to display search correctly” warnings.You can search YouTube or find a channel you like.

When you find a video that you like, on IceCat, it may be likely that it will work natively through the HTML5 video everywhere extension. If not, use your video player.

If your video player is MPV, then you are in luck. Simply type into the terminal, “mpv --ytdl --ytdl-format=best url-of-video”.

Otherwise, type “youtube-dl url-of-video” then play the resulting file with your media player.

Subscribe to a channel

To subscribe to a channel, simply enter that channel’s link in your RSS reader and subscribe. DO NOT open the links you recieve in a browser unless it’s Icecat; rather, use the above methods to play them.

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