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This my homepage. My old homepage is still available. However, I switched to Neocities for two reasons:

Why the Problem of Our Decade is Capitalist corruption (and not the migrant crisis)

Many would like to assume that illegal immigrants are our biggest problems. However, this is not the case.

Sure, illegal immigrants are bad people, even terrorists, in some cases, but these some are not all, not even a significant portion, and we should not treat it this way. Let the refugees in.

The question of our decade, rather, capitalist corruption. The top 1% of our population recieves more income than the bottom 90%, and are gaining that money incredibly fast. This problem was the worst during the great depression.

The economy is growing, but citizens are not feeling it - it all goes to the 1%.

To make matters worse, the 1% has been controlling governments for a long time with their money, through lobbies and superPACs.They say money is power - but a democracy influenced by how much money somebody has is no democracy. They keep raiding the money America uses, finding exemptions to tax laws to favor their bottom line, and dodging antitrust laws to keep near monopolies without restriction.

If we focus on this too much, sure we could be communist, but coming closer to communism is not becoming communism - there needs to be a middleground.

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